How We Do An Easter Inspired Sensory Bin At Our House

By | March 30, 2013

Preschool Easter Sensory Table

preschool easter sensory table

Simple  Easter Sensory Play & Hands-On Activities

( As a note Liam is 3.5 here! I am looking back now that he is 4.5. You can find more of our fun Easter Activities for preschoolers at the bottom. This is one of our first posts!) 

I pulled my act together and set out to create an activity table for Friday morning which was also a day off from school. It would have been more helpful to have done it before Thursday night but I still think I did a pretty good job!


Liam had some great activities to explore and I tried my best to get a few photos while still actually engaging with him with each activity. He really needs heavy interaction for these kind of activities to stay focused and motivated. Some of Liam's spectrum issues revolve around a lack of curiosity, interest, and motivation to try new things. Many times, he doesn't even see what is new around him. This table was out when he got up in the morning. It's a pretty big table in our living room, and he stood in front of it (back to it) and walked by it for over a half an hour before he realized it was there. I have two small chairs for us to sit in so that he can focus a bit better too. He chose the basket of eggs first and did a wonderful job. I even got to take a turn!

Easter Sensory Table Fine Motor Skills Activities

Tonging Eggs into Egg Shaped Tray

He definitely is not into fine motor skills activities so I have to find a way to make them more appealing and he noticed that each eraser he found had a match. Love the Easter Bunny tongs!



Clothespin Number Cards 

We moved on to the clothes pin number count cards that I printed out from This he loves to do and again is a sneaky way to work his fine motor skills. 3dinosaurs Easter Pack



Easter Sensory Bin Exploration

Time to explore the sensory bin. We changed the chick's colors by opening him up and changing the pom pom colors. Liam "cracked" open eggs to hatch little chicks and also found a package of surprise organic bunny gummy treats. You can see how happy he is about that since food is a huge motivator/reinforcer for us and he considers this treat extra special. We also found a bunch of carrots in the peter rabbit tin and counted them in an ice-cube tray!





Felt Easter Egg Number Activity

Before settling in to read the Easter books I had set out as well, he matched the felt eggs by colors and placed pom pom markers on each from 1-10. Not a huge favorite but I had held onto one last egg which had another pack of gummy bunnies in it ( ;



 All in all the Easter table was a success

Saturday morning we did a few more of the printouts from the same printable pack from and he showed dad some of the activities. He is not big into repeating the same activity with the same materials so each day I need to have new activities ready.

Please join our hands on play journey with us!


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